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Virtues of the blessed month of Shaban

[ May 29, 2015 ]
Though each month of the Islamic calendar has its religious as well as historical significance,but fact remains that there are a few months that hold a superior stature compared to other months and because of this they are given more value and respect by the muslims. One of such months is the month of Shaban .In Islamic calendar, Shaban is the eighth month which precedes the Holy month of Ramadan.

It is one of the most revered months for muslims and Muslims all over the world give value to this month and have special affiliation with it. Literally, the word Shaban means branch. It can be said that Shaban branches off and leads to other good things. Shaban acts as a connection between the two blessed and sacred months of Rajab and Ramadan. Despite this, the importance of Shaban is often neglected and ignored. The lines below discuss the element of fasting in the month of Shaban under the light of different hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Though fasting is made obligatory in the month of Ramadan, but fasting in the month of Shaban is beneficial in numbers of other ways. Here are the reasons which fasting in the month of Shaban important. Fasting in Shaban gives you a chance to start preparing for the month of Ramadan. For fasting, you will have to wake up early on Fajr time, and spending day without eating and drinking, will give you a clear idea of what it would take in order to successfully spend the blessed month of Ramadan. In the month of Shaban, many Muslim scholars and others used to consistently recite and Read the Holy Quran along with fasting, which also helps in getting ready for fasting in the coming month of Ramadan. The famous religious scholar Imam Abu Bakr al-Warraq said: “In Rajab you sow the seeds, in Sha`ban you irrigate them and in Ramadan you reap the harvest.” Thus, a practicing Muslim must value the month of Shaban as it is proven from the hadiths of Prophet (PBUH) that this month is a special month and committing good deeds in this month carry special value and can help a Muslim gain countless blessings from Allah Almighty in addition to receiving pardon and forgiveness. Although Ramadan is the month of fasting and it is compulsory for people to fast, however, Shaban is another month, which people must also consider for fasting. It is in this month that the deeds of a person are presented in front of Allah Almighty, therefore, it becomes more than helpful if the deeds are presented at such a time when a person is in the condition of fast.Though fasting in the month of Shabaan, is not obligatory, but is so meritorious that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did not like to miss the opportunity of fasting in the month of Shaban. Since everyone finds observing fasts for the first few days of the holy month of Ramadan difficult, it is understood that if we are accustomed to fasting already in the preceding month of Shaban, consequentially we will be able to embrace Ramadan better. However, it should be kept in mind that the fasts of Shabaan are for those persons only who are capable of keeping them without causing deficiency in the obligatory fasts of Ramadan. Therefore, if one fears that after fasting in Shabaan, one will lose strength for the fasts of Ramadan, he/she should not fast in Shabaan, as the fasts of Ramadan, being obligatory, are more important than the optional fasts of Shabaan.