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Taking care of disabled in Islam

[ May 15, 2015 ]
Islam pays great attention to caring about the disabled and guaranteeing them an honorable life. The jurists have tackled the importance of providing medical, physical, and religious care for the disabled and making them aware of their rights. So the community should provide them with care and protection. Being mentally and physically healthy is one of the great things that we should be grateful for.

At the same time, sickness—be it mental or physical—is a test from Almighty Allah to mankind. Therefore, one has to be patient, grateful, and thankful to Amighty Allah for whatever he gives. As for those people who are disabled in the muslim community, they deserve full attention and all types of assistance and treatment. They should in no way be subjected to any type of humiliation, rejection, or discrimination based on their health. Furthermore, it is an obligation upon muslim community to provide them with whatever they need and whatever will help them. As for restricting their movements, this would only be allowed if it is proven to be a part of their treatment. Meaning, they should not be isolated for the sake of isolation but for the sake of providing them with more treatment. Certainly, Muslim community has to give a lot of attention to these disabled people. It is a consensus among scholars that the whole community will be considered sinful if these people are neglected and abandoned or humiliated. The reason being that Islam lays emphasis on universal human rights, besides laying down its basic philosophy of help and support for all those who suffer, including the victims of war, poverty or natural calamities, as well as the handicapped or disabled people. The philosophy is there and the resources for helping and supporting the needy should be provided by the Muslims themselves, by way of Zakat and other charity. Worth mentioning is the fact that in the light of our modern scientific and psychological discoveries and theories, a very advanced and effective methodology should be adopted in order to achieve the best results as visualized by the Qur"an and the Sunnah. Muslims also believe that being disabled is a test from the Almighty Allah in this life, and therefore can be a blessing in disguise. Every disabled person should be patient and live up to this challenge. The Almighty Allah promised those who observe patience a great reward in the hereafter. It has been proved that people with disabilities have been gifted with other talents and capabilities. They excel over others with such gifts. It is as if Allah is compensating them for their disability. People with special needs should be given due respect and attention. They should be cared for. All their needs should be fulfilled and they should not be isolated as they are an integral part of the society. Both individuals and communities must try their best to help them with whatever means they have. Schools are to be established for those people to qualify them to be active members in their respected communities. Job opportunities that fit their health conditions should be provided. This support is made possible as Islam makes it obligatory for the wealthy and able-bodied persons to support the less fortunate. Therefore, it is a duty of the muslim uma everywhere in the world, especially the leaders to look for means and ways leading to treat and attend to the needs of these disabled people. May Almighty Allah grant every sick muslim and human being a good health and longevity?