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BJP worker caught in illegal beef trading, thrashed in UP

[ March 29, 2017 ]

MEERUT: Activists of the Bajrang Dal thrashed a BJP worker after accusing him to be associated with the illegal business of beef.

According to Hindustan Times report, the incident happened on Sunday.

After receiving a tip-off from the residents, the Hindutva group activists raided the meat packaging unit being run under the grab of a Cricket bat manufacturing unit in Meerut’s Jaibheemnagar locality.

In order to keep it confidential, the Dal workers did not report the matter to police but caught unit owners Rahul Raghav and Anuj Choudhary and seized over 40 quintals of red meat. After that they inform the police.

“When we raided the unit, we managed to catch hold of two persons,” Dal’s state convener, Balraj Doonger told The Hindu. “Later, when BJP worker Rahul Thakur arrived, he pretended he did not know anything. But when we checked his phone, we found that he had talked several times to the two accused in the half hour before we raided the unit. He then started accusing the police of running the illegal establishment.”

The right-wing outfit workers badly assaulted Thakur and his associate after suspecting his involvement.

During the brawl, the unit owners escaped from the police clutches and are absconding.

Thakur received injuries with sharp edged weapons and was admitted to a government medical college hospital for treatment.

Officiating SSP, Sahdev also confirmed the report of the incident and said would register a case against the activists of Bajrang Dal if the BJP worker lodged a complaint against them.