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Azam Khan demand ban on cow slaughter across India, says Muslims should stop eating beef

[ March 28, 2017 ]

New Delhi: Amid a crackdown by the Yogi Adityanath government on slaughterhouses in UP, Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan, Monday, demanded that there should be a nationwide ban on the slaughter of animals, including cows.

“Cow slaughter should be banned across the country.

Why is it so that it is legal in states like Kerala and West Bengal but not in other states,” Khan said, adding that there should be uniformity in laws governing such issues in the country.

Questioning the logic behind the UP government's intention to allow legal slaughterhouses to function, Khan said, “So it means that it is ok if animals are butchered in legal slaughterhouses and not ok when they meet the same fate at an illegal place.”

“This legal, illegal thing should stop. All slaughterhouses should be shut. No animal should be slaughtered,” he said.

Khan mentioned the sensitivity of communities like Jains to suggest that chicken and goat should also not be butchered in the country.

The SP strongman went to give advice to Muslims to stop eating meat.

"It is not mandated in Islam that Muslims should eat meat. Ulema should appeal to the people that they should stop eating meat,” Khan said.