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Coordination Council of London Mosques slams barbaric Westminster attacks

[ March 27, 2017 ]

London: The Coordination Council of London Mosques condemned unequivocally the recent barbaric attacks in Westminster. The council is an umbrella body of the Islamic institutions such as the Islamic Culture Centre & the London Central Mosque Trust Ltd, Almuntada Alislami, Finsbury Park Mosque, Mayfair Islamic Centre, Muslim Welfare House, Almanar Islamic Centre & Jamiat e Ulama Britain, and Jamiat Ahle Hadith.

While awaiting the outcome of the police inquiry, there can be little doubt that the attacks tell of the ugly face of extremism and violence, regardless of the motives behind them.
It is a real mark of our capital that the public’s reaction has been calm and measured, in defiance of the probable wishes of the criminals behind this heinous act and we must all stand firmly against those who want to use this tragic incident to spread hate and fear within our society.
The Coordination Council wishes to praise the professionalism and quick reaction of the police and emergency services as well as the bravery of those who intervened at the scene of the crime.
Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims of this callous attack, wishing the injured a full and speedy recovery.
An attacker drove a car along a pavement into pedestrians on London's Westminster Bridge before running through an adjacent gate to the British parliament and stabbing a police officer.