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Traffic Police issues parking advisory

K H News Service
[ March 16, 2017 ]

Srinagar/March, 15: The Superintendent of Traffic Police, City has issued an advisory for car parking in the city centre to regulate the traffic movement and to overcome the nuisance of frequent traffic ja
Accordingly, commuters have been asked to park their vehicles at the following designated parking places:-
The vehicle owners of all commercial establishments/institutions /offices from Abi-Guzar to erstwhile Court Road including Palladium Gali Ghanta Ghar area areas shall park their vehicles in Sheikh Bagh parking slot opposite Ghanta Ghar forward river side. While as vehicle owners of adjacent business area are asked to park their vehicles at Residency road near SBI. Similarly, all commercial establishment/institutions/offices from Regal Chowk upto Abi Guzarcan shall park their vehicles at Old State Motor Garage near Press enclave.
The parking place at Polo-view behind garbage shed shall be utilised by the vehicle owners from Polo-View market, Polo-Ground and adjoining area, the vehicle owners can park vehicles at Mugal darbar parking place near garbage dump side.
While the vehicle owners at Polo-view market, Polo-Ground etc are asked to park their vehicles in Poloview north from M.A road side opposite Banquet Hall.
The vehicle owners of the adjacent business areas have to park their vehicles near Khalsa School opposite V-Mart
The vehicle owners are asked to adhere to the advisory to avoid any punitive action under law for obstructing traffic movement or wrong parking in City Centre.
It was said the advisory has been issued for the convenience of general public, shoppers and business establishment owners visiting or working in city centre.