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Inconsequential alliance

[ March 16, 2017 ]
Though both PDP and BJP have been talking high about their alliance describing it even south poles meeting north poles but when it came to showing unity for contesting the lok bye elections to two valley seats Srinagar and Anantnag BJP called it a day and announced the decision to contests the crucial bye elections for the two valley seats on its own.

With BJP deciding to go it alone to contests the two valley seats of Lok Sabha the PDP has to give too many explanations before the people over the BJP’s decision to contest the crucial bye elections on its own. Keeping in view the tall claims of running the alliance for implementing the “agenda of alliance” people in the valley reserve the right to ask PDP’s top leaders that if BJP could not shun its core agenda to fight the Lok Sbaha bye elections on a common agenda with PDP in Kashmir, then how come the PDP expects the rightwing party run on the agenda of “Hindu Rashtra” to implement “the agenda of alliance” for furthering the causes of peace and stability in Jammu & Kashmir state. Keeping in view the BJP’s dirty tricks in coalition politics it is understood that the saffron party has shown unwillingness to fight the elections on common agenda with PDP for the reason of showing any dilution on its stands on abrogation of article 370, resumption of dialogue with Pakistan and engagement with separatists for resolution of Kashmir issue and implementation of uniform civil code against the whims and wishes of the muslims in the country.
Surprising is the NC-Congress poll alliance and detachment of BJP from PDP for the upcoming bye elections for two Lok Sabha seats in Kashmir. By stitching an alliance to put up a joint fight against the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party the National Conference and Congress have practically sent out a message that they have some commonality on pressing political issues concerning Jammu & Kashmir the only muslim majority state of the country. On the contrary BJP by deciding to go it alone in the upcoming bye elections to be held for Kashmir’s two Lok Sabha seats has sent out a message that the party has stitched alliance with PDP just for running the routine affairs of the state government but not for addressing the issues concerning security, peace and political stability of Jammu & Kashmir state. With this the tall claims of the PDP and BJP about working on the “agenda of alliance” have come into question and it has become quite clear that the two parties have come together just for their own political survival but not for resolution of issues concerning concerning security, peace and political stability of Jammu & Kashmir state and with this PDP-BJP coalition has almost become an inconsequential alliance in the eyes of the people both within and outside the state.