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Acrimony in PDP

[ March 14, 2017 ]

The first statement of the estranged PDP minister Imran Ansari issued by him over his resignation from the state cabinet on February 12 immediately after his return from religious tour to Iran and Iraq shows his intent of not joining back the cabinet till his demands are met and this also indicates that political acrimony is brewing up within the top PDP ranks.

Political acrimony brewing up within the party ranks becoming a debate for discussion for the people the time when the schedule for Lok Sabha bye elections to Srinagar and Anantnag parliamentary constituencies has been announced is not a good omen for the PDP. Interestingly Imran Ansari’s uncle Abid Ansari has publicly opposed the induction of Chief Minister’s trusted cabinet colleage Nayeem Akhter into the state cabinet and allotment of key R&B portfolio to him on the pretext that Akhter has not contested any election so for and is dominating some of the senior minister who has won assembly elections just not once but twice or thrice. By clarifying that he stands by his resignation the estranged PDP minister Imran Ansari has set the tone for political bargaining on his joining back the cabinet. The time when the campaigning for the Lok Sabha bye elections in Srinagar and Anantnag parliamentary constituencies is likely to pick up in coming day the PDP top brass can’t afford to find one of its strongest leaders having lakhs of followers in different shia dominated assembly constituencies crying for acceptance of his demand over the distribution of portfolios among the ministers. Ironically Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti during last few days gifted the unwanted positions of Vice Chairpersons of some public sector undertakings (PSUs) and autonomous bodies to some of the party functionaries most of whom have lost assembly elections once or twice in the past.
In fact resentment against the party top brass is brewing up against the elevation of such people both in the party and the government who has no political merit needed badly this time to reconnect the party workers at the grass roots in the aftermath of the last year’s unrest.Though Chief Minister’s trusted cabinet colleage Nayeem Akhtar is on the top of the list of those on whom Imran is training guns but there are many other who have failed to deliver either as party office bearers or as top government functionaries. True Imran has not publicly resented against the change in his portfolios at the time of redistribution of portfolios among some PDP ministers but his uncle Abid Ansari has publicly voiced serious concerns on keeping Imran untouched in the redistribution of portfolios on February 12. With Imran making it clear that he has already spoken to the Chief Minister over the issues he has raised with her from time to time and expects the Chief Minister to take a call now, it is apparently clear that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti would be forced by the compulsions of vote politics to take some decision for accommodating Imran Ansari much before the campaigning for the two Lok Sabha constituencies- Srinagar and Anantnag pick up. Delay in addressing the concerns of Imran Ansari on allotment of a significant portfolio to him would surely have a bigger impact on the outcome of the Lok Sab bye elections in Srinagar parliamentary constituency.