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Rural-Urban divide in Kashmir

[ March 08, 2017 ]
Dividing Kashmir by engineering the feelings of rural-urban divide under the garb of alleged discrimination in the allocation of funds for developmental schemes is all that two top mainstream political parties PDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) and NC (National Conference) do to give Jammu an advantage of uniting against Kashmir.

Unfortunate it is that both NC and PDP are crying much about rural-urban divide in the equi-distribution of financial allocation for developmental schemes but they choose to remain silent what parts of Chenab Valley and Pir-Panchal get from the financial allocations earmarked for Jammu division. Even if the law of natural justice is to be applied in the financial allocations for the three divisions of the state the government has to ensure that each of the three regions of the state get their share from the total allocations proportionate to their population but unfortunately the political parties engaged in struggle for power in both Kashmir and Jammu divisions of the state like National Conference, PDP, Congress and BJP play politics for their petty political interests and never talk about applying the law of natural justice to distribution of financial allocations among the three regions of the state. Unlike National Conference (NC) and PDP the two main contenders for power in Jammu region Congress and BJP never tend to fuel feelings of rural-urban divide despite the fact the Chenab valley and Pir Panchal districts don’t get the allocations proportionate to their population.
This rural-urban divide fueled by National Conference and PDP is mainly responsible for the fractured verdict witnessed in Kashmir valley both in 2008 and 2014 assembly elections and once again National Conference and PDP have racked up a debate over rural-urban divided in view of the proposed bye elections for Srinagar and Anantnag parliamentary elections and the Panchayat polls deferred twice in last six months.The tendencies of National Conference (NC) and PDP to fuel feelings of rural-urban divide in election times shows that both the parties are tending to divide Kashmir for their own petty political interests at the expense of the bigger stakes of Kashmir valley. This is the reason for the feelings of distrust brewing up against both National Conference (NC) and PDP in almost all parts of Kashmir valley. Since the politics of rural-urban divided propagated by National Conference (NC) and PDP has only increased the proportional representation of Jammu even in the state public service commission and other key institutions of the government, So better for NC and PDP to desist from propagating politics of rural-urban divide much before people of Kashmir turn the tide against the dirty tricks of mainstream politics in Kashmir.