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PDP’s alienation

[ March 04, 2017 ]

All is not well with the PDP as the dilution of the core political agenda of the party has disconnected the workers at the grass roots. Dilution of ideology and the performance of the PDP ministers are the two big reasons cited for increasing alienation of the party cadres with the people at the grass roots.

Ironically PDP as a party stands for continuing the alliance with the BJP for a full term of six years but divided opinion over continuing alliance with the BJP has created a wedge between the ministers and the party workers disconnected with the people at the grass roots. Though grass root level workers are exerting tremendous pressure on the party top brass to review the working of alliance with BJP but ministers find the alliance going easy with the BJP for the reasons of their own convenience. While the BJP is doing best to address the concerns of Jammu the PDP part of the coalition ministry is doing nothing to address the concerns of Kashmir which would reconnect them with the party cadres at the grass roots. The general impression brewing up within the PDP is that key positions in both the party and the government have been gifted to coterie politicians who have been either defeated in the last assembly elections or were denied the party mandated by late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in the last assembly elections for the reasons of having failed to establish popular support bases for the party in their home constituencies.

Since the party men holding key positions in either the party or the government have failed to assert their positions and authority for addressing the core concerns of the party’s core ideology, the resentment against the inaction of the party top brass against poor showing of the party’s office bearers and ministers in the government is increasing month after month and day after day . They also say that the BJP has diluted its ideology, failed to take up the Jammu cause and acted in a manner that has disappointed its core constituency. "The BJP has not done anything concrete for Jammu during the past two years. It has only followed the diktats of the PDP. There is nothing which could be admired. The PDP didn't assert even when the government decisions were controversial and not consistent with the party’s core concerns like the demand for a judicial probe into civilian killings reported during six month long unrest last year and BJP’s increasing tendencies to erode article 370 guaranteeing special status to Jammu & Kashmir under Indian constitution. While the party men facing public outrage at the grass roots convey it in categorical terms to the party top brass that the political ideology of the party set out by late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed was sacrosanct than political power and the coalition was a temporary arrangement, the ministers and those named heads of some public sector undertaking and autonomous organisations are working overnight to divert the attention of the party top brass from the issues concerning core political ideology of the party.