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PDP’s quiescent approach on article 370

[ February 25, 2017 ]

The PDP which claims to be championing the cause of regional integration has failed to curb the steady rise of polarizing forces in Jammu region as none of the senior leaders of the party dare to utter even a single word against those RSS men who have challenged article 370 and some important laws related to the special status granted to Jammu & Kashmir under Indian constitution.

Before people in Kashmir are provoked by BJP to come out on streets against the PDP for failing to support the dissenting voices in Kashmir, bett

Even though the repeated attempts of the BJP and RSS back hard core affiliates of Sangh Parivar have been noticed by several mainstream and separatist political parties in the state, but Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti does not bother to seek any clarifications from the BJP top brass over the overt and covert support of some BJP legislators to those who have challenged the article 370 and other laws related to special status granted to Jammu & Kashmir in Indian Constitution in Delhi high court and supreme court. The critical statements of both the mainstream and separatist political leaders reflect the sentiments and concerns of the people over the repeated attempts of BJP to open up a debate on the legality of article 370.The party leaders occupying ministerial positions in the PDP-BJP coalition ministry headed by Mehbooba Mufti have just confined themselves to parts of Jammu region just to do whatever can be done to safeguard the constituencies of top BJP leaders in Jammu region . Most of the PDP ministers by their words and deeds are giving vent to the feeling that PDP is more serious about the BJP’s concerns in Jammu region than the sentiments of people in Kashmir valley and muslim dominated pockets of Chenab Valley and Pir Panchal area badly hit during last year’s unrest.

Ironically PDP is not only desisting from its policy of sharing the concerns of the people of Kashmir on sensitive issues like article 370 and property rights of the state subjects of Jammu & Kashmir but overtly and covertly defends BJP’s vague remarks over other sensitive issues . Till the signing of “Agenda of Alliance” with BJP , some senior leaders of PDP who occupy ministerial positions in the Mehbooba led coalition ministry used to talk much about the freezing of demand of abrogation of article 370 by BJP but same PDP leaders now choose to keep silent over the BJP’s full scale revival of the struggle for abrogation of some important clauses of article 370 both on legal and political lines. PDP’s silence has resulted in never ending political chaos across Kashmir and same could be the beginning of the end of the political journey of PDP in the state. Before people in Kashmir are provoked by BJP to come out on streets against the PDP for failing to support the dissenting voices in Kashmir, better for Chief Minister Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to take some corrective measures for redefining the terms and conditions of his party’s alliance with the BJP to further the cause of the protection of article 370 guaranteeing special status to Jammu & Kashmir state.