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Power wielding non entities in PDP

[ February 22, 2017 ]

The open revolt of the MLA Zadibal Abid Ansari, the uncle of protesting Minister Imran Ansari presently on a pilgrimage outside the country, against the accommodation of coterie politicians of the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on key positions in the government is not evoking sharp reaction from the Chief Minister for many reasons.

Generating public euphoria by critical statements against the appointment of some party men on any key positions or the allotment of a key portfo

Before raising a banner of revolt against the Chief Minister over questionable accommodation of coterie politicians on key positionsin the government the MLA Zadibal should have pondered over his silence on the appointment of some defeat candidates as heads of some corporations which have become liabilities for the government during last seventy years of popular rule in the state. More over Abid Ansari should have also protested the nomination of some defeated candidate to the upper house of the state assembly the legislative council. Be it the selection of candidates for the induction into the ministry or the nomination for the upper houses of the assembly the legislative council or the appointment of the heads of corporation the PDP top brass has not shown any respect for performance and merit. Ironically even the PDP veterans did not dare to utter even a single word against the appointment of Sartaj Madni , an Ex MLA denied third term in 2014 assembly elections, as party’s senior Vice President to give him an organizational command and control even over the founding members of the party including the likes of Muzaffar Baig also one time Vice President.

Cries against the appointment of non entities on coveted positions either in the government or the party won’t evoke any response from the PDP Chief and incumbent Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti unless and until the PDP cadres working for the party at the grass roots in extremely difficult situations don’t unite to fight for both the organizational restructuring and as well as the appointment of non entities on key positions in the government. It is not the issue of Nayeem Akhter getting a key portfolio and Peerzada Mansoor Hussain getting a key position equivalent in rank and status to the Minister of State (MoS) but it is the issue of respect to the popular mandate enjoyed by MLAs. The ministers’ threatening to quit over simple change in their portfolios’ is an indication of the growing struggle for power triggered by the appointment of over half a dozen defeated candidates as heads of many corporations which are running in red for the last several decades. Generating public euphoria by critical statements against the appointment of some party men on any key positions or the allotment of a key portfolio to any minister won’t revive organizational cohesiveness within the PDP but a silent fight against the selective approach of the party top brass in appointments and selections is the only way to revive the central role of MLAs in both government’s policy making and as well as party affairs .