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Traffic regulation on potholed roads

[ February 16, 2017 ]

Despite huge public outcry over the poor condition of roads and several environmental problems caused by traffic jams in Srinagar city and several towns in Kashmir valley, the situation remains more or less the same. Even the increasing number of accidents and surging level of pollution have not been able to wake the civic authorities up from deep slumber.

Most of the roads full of potholes posing inconvenience to the people are not repaired in time and this is the cause of the unprecedented rise in

Fed up with the deteriorating condition of the roads leading to Airport, Shalteng Zainkote and Pantha Chowk in Srinagar city people are upset over the continuing apathy of the government on this count .They complain that the pathetic condition of roads in the summer capital is causing huge inconvenience to the motorists and causing massive traffic jams. Complaining of potholes in the centre of city roads the Srinagarites are also upset over the poor traffic regulation in almost all the civil lines areas of Srinagar city. The authorities seem to be only concentrating on beautifying main arteries and don’t show any concern for the dilapidated roads without any streetlight. Heavy-duty vehicles ply on these roads which makes driving very dangerous, especially during late evening hours. It has been observed that a number of accidents take place every day due to the poor condition of roads. The potholes and cracks in the roads cause severe damage to the vehicles on these roads. Though it is a fundamental right of citizens to have better roads for their vehicles, but irony of the fact is that the whole transport system is badly affected due to the poor condition of roads. Though engineering wings of different departments carry out patchwork from on the eve of the sifting of move offices from Jammu to Srinagar in different parts of the summer capital, but improving the condition of roads in one go is an unworkable idea for the government. Though construction work on many projects had been started long back, but the delay caused in the completion of such road projects is doubling the troubles in Srinagar city and major towns of Kashmir valley.
Irony of the fact is that the road from Jahangir Chowk to Airport being used by heavy traffic presents an ugly look due to potholes that have developed there. The entire road, especially near Solina , Rambagh and Baghat-e-Burzulla is in a very bad shape and several vehicles have met with accidents in this section. Besides that, there are big holes in the centre of the road from Hyderpora to Humhama. A large portion of the road is also in a shabby condition. Furthermore, roads and footpaths are in bad shape and require urgent repair work. The road, which branches off from the Rambagh and leads to Nowgam byepass is not only dilapidated but also dangerous. Moreover, this long route is without any traffic signal. Though the authorities have been claiming that maintenance of all the roads is being carried out on a regular basis, but the same is disputed by the situation on ground. We might still have made up for the dearth of manpower with infrastructure and technology, but unfortunately we are lagging on both fronts. We don’t even have functional traffic signals in many parts of Srinagar city and major townships of Kashmir valley . Zebra crossings are not well maintained and are painted usually just before the darbar offices move to Srinagar. Most of the roads full of potholes posing inconvenience to the people are not repaired in time and this is the cause of the unprecedented rise in the accidents. The complaints about some traffic cops taking bribe to let the offenders free cannot be undermined. The traffic department must ensure discipline among its men and act tough against corrupt cops.Exploring the above and many other aspects of the traffic scenario in an effort to build consensus on the need for making the roads safer will surely help government to make road journeys safer. Even if we can succeed in generating a meaningful debate about the issue, the campaign could be a successful beginning for the noble cause.