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Supplication (Du’a): Essence of worship

[ December 23, 2016 ]

Supplication (Du’a) is a powerful connection between Almighty Allah and his servants. Distancing one’s self from prayer will lead to the deterioration of a person’s relationship with Almighty Allah, and thus cause indolence in their religious life. Particularly in today’s world, where there is so much that can cause our hearts to harden, a devotion to prayer is of even greater importance.

Supplication is the essence and spirit of worship. In the most comprehensive form of worship, the daily prayers, Surah Fatiha is read during eac

Living with prayer is living as if one can see Almighty Allah. Regardless of the fact that we cannot see him, he can see us. Prayer is a discipline that allows a human being to be together with Almighty Allah and helps a believer develop a life that is spiritually vigorous. Time is a great blessing and trust that has been given to humanity. It is prayers that allow a believer to keep time alive. Every moment and every action of a person who lives a life immersed in prayer is laden with awareness. The mercy of Almighty Allah envelops a believer like a spring breeze. They do not forget Almighty Allah at any time of their day. No matter what they are engaged in, their heart and essence is with their creator. Their worldly tasks and chores do not prevent them from the remembrance of Almighty Allah. Nothing, neither trade nor shopping, prevents the believer from remembering Almighty Allah. While gaining worldly profits on the one hand, their heart is with he who loves them, protects and watches over them. In this state, the believer physically manifests the verse, “Remember me so that I may remember you...” (3) with their actions. Inherent in not forgetting Allah is the fact that the believer will find it difficult to commit a sin or violate the boundaries that have been set by Almighty Allah. The believer contemplates the value that has been given to them and desires to protect the beauty of the situation in which they find themselves.

They are aware that such a move will mean holding a to match to his own peace of mind. Supplication is the essence and spirit of worship. In the most comprehensive form of worship, the daily prayers, Surah Fatiha is read during each prayer cycle. Believers who perform their prayers read Surah Fatiha every day during their prayers; this is a part of the daily worship and encompasses all forms of dhikr, the remembrance of Almighty Allah. Surah Al Fatiha, which is regarded as the key to the Holy Qur’an, contains the most beautiful sentences of prayer, and thus the Muslim is constantly immersed in prayers. This is proof of how much a believer must be continuously involved with prayer. To conclude hadith worth to be quoted is: “The difference between those who remember their Creator and those who do not is like the difference between the living and the dead.”