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All about Makhdoom Sahb(RA)shrine

[ November 11, 2016 ]

Among the most venerated Sufis of Kashmir is Hazrat Shiekh Hamza Makhdoom (RA) who is considered as the leader of the spiritual domain in Kashmir. Hazrat Shiekh Hamza Makhdoom (RA) is remembered as Mehboob ul Alam(RA)and also as Hazrat-e- Sultan ul Arifeen(RA).

Devotees in thousands come on the eve of annual urs to the shrine where they cry in tears with hiccups to narrate their sorrows to Makhdoom Saheb

Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom (RA), titled Mehboob-Ul-Alam(RA), and Sultan-Ul-Arifeen (RA) , was born to Baba Usman, of the Rajput family, a hereditary landlord, a scholar, and a mystic saint of high order. The revered shrine of Hazrat Makhdoom Sahb is well connected by all weather roads in Srinagar. From road to the shrine, the devotees have to ascend the steps to reach the shrine, about 90 from the Bashi Darwaja side (north) and about 127 from Kathi Darwaja side (south). While approaching from the Kathi Darwaja side, there is a mosque built by Dara-Shikoh in Mughal period just by the side of the steps. At present Waqf Board controlled by the Jammu & Kashmir Government is looking after the day-to-day management and maintenance of this revered shrine. A huge number of local and non local believers visit this shrine throughout the year. On the eve of annual urs around 50 to 60,000 devotees visit this shrine to take part in night long prayers in the praise of the Almighty Allah and pay their obeisance at this revered shrine of Hzrat Sultan ul Arifeen (RA). On average, 4,000 devotees visit this shrine daily throughout the year but in the chilly months of winter December and January , the number of daily devotees comes down to about 1,000 persons.Makhdoom Sahib(RA) inherited the mysticism, and from very childhood was inclined to the company of holy men, and to the truth.
Having read the Holy Quran in the village, he went to the seminary of Sheikh Ismail Kabroi for higher studies. He studied the jurisprudence, tradition, logic, philosophy, ethics, and mysticism. The great sage followed the suni (tradition) strictly not only in prayers but also in table manners, dress, etc. He scrupulously followed the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his love for him knew no bounds. These things helped him to reach the highest rank. Later he had to forsake his love for isolation in order to serve the people. He remarks: "In the early days I had completely abandoned the company of the people. God granted me the gift of peace at heart and composure of mind. He ordered me to serve the people so I came and started delivering the Message." His greatest contribution was that he delivered it in its purest form to the people and that he instructed the people to forsake superstitions and Un-Islamic activities through his speech and actions. He was laid to rest near Hari Parbat. Devotees in thousands come on the eve of annual urs to the shrine where they cry in tears with hiccups to narrate their sorrows to Makhdoom Saheb, which, as per belief, relieves them of their sorrows.