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Believer’s Sincerity

[ September 02, 2016 ]

Sincerity towards Almighty Allah is the best type of sincerity. The muslim is being sincere towards his lord if he achieves sincerity in three aspects: faith and proper belief, acts of obedience, and morals and manners. Faith does not mean mere wishful thinking.

If believer’s resolve is sincere, all that is left is sincerity of action, which is doing one’s best and striving one’s utmost when doing it ,

The one who is sincere in his faith is the one who attains faith in the way his lord wants from him, which includes sincerity in faith, sincerity in intention, and sincerity in fear of the Almighty Allah. Not every act of obedience is sincere unless it is done, both outwardly and inwardly, in a manner which Allah likes. Shaykh ‘Abd al-Rahmaan al-Sa’di (May Allah Have Mercy On Him) said: “Such”,i.e, truth means those who have good beliefs and actions which are the effect, evidence and light of faith; the morals and manners which lend dignity to man and are the essence of humanity. These are the ones who are “the people of the truth”, whose faith is sincere, because their actions confirm their faith. “And they are Al Muttaqoon (the pious)”, because they refrained from what is forbidden and did what is enjoined, because these things include all good attributes by implication, and because fulfilling one’s covenant is the essence of the entire religion, and because the acts of worship mentioned in this verse are the greatest acts of worship and the one who does them will undoubtedly do other acts of worship. They are the righteous, the sincere people of truth, the pious. Sincerity with the Almighty Allah is not something that we can make a show of and convince ourselves of whilst abandoning righteous deeds. Rather sincerity towards AlmightyAllah is in the intention and in the action when we do it and when the means of doing it become available. The one who is sincere towards his lord will, by means of the sincerity of intention, attain that (reward) which the one who does the action attains, if something keeps him/her from doing the action. A person can have nothing more beneficial than sincerity towards Almighty Allah in all his/her affairs, along with sincerity of resolve, so he/she should be sincere towards him/her in his resolve and in his actions. The happiness of the Almighty Allah lies in believer’s sincerity of resolve and sincerity of action. Sincerity of resolve means certain desire to do an action and not hesitating to do it. If believer’s resolve is sincere, all that is left is sincerity of action, which is doing one’s best and striving one’s utmost when doing it , and not letting anything, outward or inward, hold him/her back from it. Resolve of purpose prevents him/her from becoming weak-willed and sincerity of action prevents him from becoming lazy or lethargic.
If a person is sincere towards the Almighty Allah in all his/her affairs, the Almighty Allah will give him/her more than he/she gives to others, and this sincerity results from true love of the Almighty Allah and true trust in him. So the most sincere of people is the one who is loves the Almighty Allah most and puts most trust in him. A believer may be confused as where to begin, and how he should order his/her affairs by night and day. But this should not form an obstacle for the one who seeks to do good or seek knowledge or call people to the Almighty Allah. The muslim may rid himself of this confusion by organising his/her time. He/She can allocate the first part of his day for memorizing holy Quran, and he can organise the rest of his days for seeking knowledge by means of tapes, reading books, and attending classes and study circles, and fulfilling whatever duties he or she may have as a husband or wife, whether he or she is working or not. What we advise our sister to do is to start and not delay, and to be sincere in your intention so that Almighty Allah will make affairs easy for believers.