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Purposes of life &death in Islam

[ March 01, 2016 ]

We as muslims must always place Almighty Allah and his good pleasure as our ultimate aim or goal in life. We the muslims are bound to live a life that merits Allah’s love and mercy upon us, his poor and unworthy creatures. Let us daily think of death in abundance; for our meditation on death will effectively keep us away from all sorts of sinfulness, worldliness, arrogant pride, carelessness, and negligence.

All our material wealth and earthly resources will not avail any help to us in the hour of our death. Indeed, our Almighty Allah is worth dying f

The inner realization of our temporary human existence will aid us in becoming god fearing muslims whose sole purpose in life is winning Almighty Allah’s favour, grace and love. The better and far better for us is to keep company with the truthful and believing muslim friends. We are obliged to seek-out friends who dedicate their lives in pleasing the Almighty Allah and thereby Almighty Allah is also pleased with them. We are also obliged to believe friends who will give us courage and encouragement to live a life of perfect submission and servant-hood to Almighty Allah’s Rulership. Furthermore, without being rude, unkind, vain and self-righteous, we have to discreetly avoid all kinds of people who will distract us from our lofty goal of attaining the Almighy Allah’s mercy, grace , favour and blessings. Insha’Allah, by making ourselves pleasing to the Almighty Allah, both our worldly life and life-to-come will become joyous and peaceful. However if we live a life of obstinacy, heedlessness and sinfulness oblivious of whether or not we have become an enemy of Almighty Allah by our actions, then by our deeds of heedlessness, we will be reaping material misfortunes in this world and spiritual calamities in the hereafter. Is it wisdom of a circumspect person to live a life of so-called worldly fun and play but thereafter followed by misery and torture in the eternal combustible fires of Jahannam (Hell)? Only an unthinking person will decide to choose such a calamitous option! My fellow muslim brothers and sisters: we as muslims have to firmly resolve that in this life, we will live and die only for the sake of Almighty Allah—only for the sake of gaining his good pleasure, mercy, love, blessings and grace. Let us resolve to live a pure life that reflects our being genuine muslims (firm believers in Almighty Allah’s Lordship).
While still alive, we still have the chance to please the Almighty Allah by our good deeds and repent on our failures to live in the manner of godly life befitting true believers of the Almighty Allah’s Lordship. Now is the time to make the obedience of the Almighty Allah the main purpose of our life and now is the opportune time to turn to Almighty Allah before we return our insignificant life to be judged by him—to either blissful reward in paradise or sorrowful punishment in the hell-fire. May our Beloved and All-Merciful Allah guide us so that we may make him the ultimate objective of our living and dying? Let us remember that whether we are ready or not to depart in this world, we shall be dragged permanently from our temporary homes despite our firmest resistance against the Angel of death. The pitiful wailings and tears of our family and loved-ones will not be able to help us at this hour. All our material wealth and earthly resources will not avail any help to us in the hour of our death. Indeed, our Almighty Allah is worth dying for and worth living for. Ameen, a million times Amen!